Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 24, 2008

Yesterday was awesome

It was. Although the street has not ended up as I would have liked because they decided to make MY side of the street the ditch side and smooth out the other side. At least my neighbors have a place to park which means they won’t be jockeying for position in my parking space. I can park peacefully at the end of the block. I also got my refund from PayPal for the day when I tried to take $200 out of the ATM and it only gave me $100 but charged my bank for $200. AND I found out that they started the wire transfer on my advance for the book so that means with the exchange rate, I just made a free $1500! Woo hoo!

I went to meet a friend for drinks before my meeting yesterday and ended up eating a nice thin crust pizza (pineapple and pepperoni, something I discovered here in Mexico) and enjoying two cocktails. After the meeting, I met with another friend and we ended up getting drinks in my little town, in a restaurant that overlooks the square. I’ll post the picture later today.

The best part about me getting an advance is that I can finally buy a new laptop. I’ve been doing a lot of photo manipulation and graphics stuff and this POS laptop just can’t handle the burden. I really want to learn digital art (I have a nice Wacom tablet for that purpose) so I’m looking for something more robust and also lighter since I need to lug it around in my travels.

Achmed is coming on Halloween and we’ve got some parties to attend and then it’s off for four days down the coast staying in luxury hotels and eating at every restaurant and food stand we come across. I’m bringing my video camera so if you are lucky I will post some video of the amazing things we come across, particularly the volcano that I am super excited about. With luck, it will erupt and I’ll get it on video as we get evacuated.

So in the last two days I have found out two weird things. Apparently a relative of mine is in the Congo dealing with the problem that people there are eating all the pygmies. According to this person there are actual signs about not eating pygmies on the road (and yes, I do very much need one of those signs).

Yesterday I found out that the girl who lived next door and was friends with my younger siblings was killed by her pet snake, a 13ft python.

So now I’m thinking, things come in threes and I’ve got pygmies and pythons, what’s next? Something involving pterodactyls I hope. 



  1. dude, pinapple and pepperoni is what one of my exes referred to as “stoners delight” pizza.. thats funny you just discovered it

  2. Explains why it is also my brother’s fave. Seriously, I had never had Hawaiian pizza before i moved to mexico. Also, never had a jalapeno or a tequila shot.
    I’ve been so sheltered.

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