Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 27, 2008

Bulleted Recap

I don’t have the patience to rewrite the entire post from this morning so I will recap it for you:

1) I ate a bunch of junk food on hangover day. McDonald’s, cheap pizza and pink bubblegum ice cream. It was grand.

2) I LOVE my new sexy black laptop. I realized three things:

  • The Spanish keyboard doesn’t bother me because I don’t look at my fingers when I type. It’s only when I DO look that I get screwed up.
  • Buying a new laptop is like having spent two years teaching an after-school program for juvenile delinquents and then suddenly taking over the GATE program with a bunch of suck-up overachievers. When asked to complete a task, my old laptop would sullenly set about performing but would often sneak out for a smoke break or go make out with the slutty girl in the back of the class. My new laptop is eager to please. “Oh, you want to move 32,000 JPG files? No problem! I can do that instantly while walking backwards and reciting the periodic table if it pleases you!” That’s all I have ever wanted, unquestioning devotion and now it’s mine. MINE!
  • Vista really is annoying and asks me 100 questions a day. “Do you want to do that? Are you sure? Are you really sure?” And now it asks them in Spanish. This means that I understand less than 1/3 of the questions, lending an exciting game show element to my day. It’s kind of like playing Let’s Make a Deal. Do I get the rust colored velveteen living room set or the goat? Can I complete my task or answer incorrectly and have to start over?

3) It is taking me forever to transfer everything and reload and install all of my favorite programs. New favorite is Digsby, a multi-platform chat client that also keeps me aprised of all my mail accounts, Facebook feed and Twitter, all in one program. ReminderFox plug-in for Firefox is awesome too.

4) Went to beach today. Water was perfect. The weather is finally going back to awesome.

5) The frog I pretended that I didn’t see all day because I thought it was dead actually ended up being alive. I relocated him outside and am very relieved.


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