Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 28, 2008

Another Brutal Day in Paradise

So far I’ve been good about getting off the computer at 1pm. Thankfully, I’m not nearly as important as I think I am and I’ve missed absolutely nothing by refusing to be a slave to the machine. Of course, I am so in love with my new laptop that I’ve named him Enrique and want to run off and marry him and have a litter of cyborg babies. I think today I’m going to take him with me.

Sunday I went to my favorite beach. In case you don’t remember what it looks like:

The sand at this beach is pristine and white. The water is usually clear. Plus there are two pools, one warm and one ice cold. It’s beautiful and empty. After swimming for a while, I went to my obligatory dinner out and ate a mediocre hamburger and some really kick-ass stuffed mushrooms.

Yesterday I was out at 1pm, headed to lunch at a fancy-pants beach restaurant where I had a pesto chicken sandwich with roasted peppers. While the restaurant isn’t the cheapest on the beach, it’s not the most expensive either and it’s got great ambiance, which is why it’s going in the book. Also, they make this incredible salsa and their fries are kick-ass.

After that I did some walking and visited a few places, including the used bookstore which isn’t half as good as the one I used to go to. It was all paperbacks and all just alphabetical. I don’t have the patience, if I don’t have my list from GoodReads with me, to browse a thousand books by looking at their spines. I like it when bookstores have sections for new arrivals and for things like current best-sellers, or Oprah’s book club, whatever. I can just pop in, look at one or two small areas and then leave. I’m a busy person.

After I was all sweaty and gross, I went to the spa I’ve been wanting to try. It was awesome. $90 for a 75 minute massage, facial and a pedicure. The massage was so good that I think I even fell asleep for a few minutes here and there. Talk about relaxing! At other times she did some good accupressure and stretching.

Today I am off to some of the big resorts, another lunch out (Japanese today) and then dinner out. I’ve already gained back 3 lbs which sucks. I have to eat in restaurants. I’m not going to recommend a place I haven’t been and tried the service/food. I probably need to just accept that I’m going to gain the weight (or some of the weight) back and then hit the diet pills again once it’s over with. Once I get my city done, I won’t be eating out nearly as often.

I stopped on the way home and got some tacos at a asaderos place. It was three arrachera (lean beefsteak) tacos with six cups of various salsas – guacamole, chipotle, couple of red salsas, onions, limes, cilantro and then a side of refried beans that were awesome. I also got a side of garlic-chili mushrooms which were delicious.

Now my biggest question is, what shall I eat today?


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