Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 29, 2008

Food Glorious Food

And so the eating continues…

Yesterday I spent a sweaty day tromping through the streets of the old part of town, looking at cheap hotel rooms and making notes about stores. I ended up dining in a beautiful restaurant, under the shade of giant trees along the river. So beautiful. Despite feeling sweaty and gross, I felt obscenely wealthy eating in this restaurant. I try to order the smaller entrees so I can get an appetizer as well, better to gauge the quality of food than on a single dish. Had something called supreme rolls, goat cheese, avocado and tomato egg rolls with cumin-pesto dipping sauce and the pollo y flor de calabeza (chicken and squash flower crepes) au gratin with hollandaise sauce ( you know, keeping things light). The restaurant is gorgeous. The menu is insane. I def. will be eating there again and again.

More wandering around the beach and checking out the gay hotels followed lunch (walking off those crepes) and then, although I was tired and wanted to go home, I had to eat again. I elected for a japanese restaurant and had a really delicious teriyaki steak and watermelon martini. Another place i will go again when I crave Japanese.

Today is the first day of the art walk, so that’s more walking which is good and I can collect information on the galleries. Dinner will be somewhere, not sure where, but I’m going with a deli lunch because I have errands to run. I cannot wait for the weekend when Achmed and I head down costa sur to beaches. Although there is a lot to accomplish, I am sure we will find time for lying on the beach and swimming, particularly since most of the beaches that way are void of tourists.

It was weird that in the Japanese rest. there were three people (me included) dining alone. Maybe it’s the new pick up spot?


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