Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 30, 2008


over my crepes:

Sexy Crepes

Sexy Crepes

That’s right, eating healthy is my thing.

Yesterday I managed to get myself to the grocery store, something I’ve been avoiding since I must eat at restaurants every day for the next month. Plus I’m leaving for a week and don’t want rotting food in my fridge. In the evening, I went out to go to the art walk – there ended up being no art or much walking, instead I met up with some friends and had $2 blue margaritas. After that, we went to my nemesis, the bar with the free drinks on fridays. Thankfully it was not friday, so I had dinner instead.

I had some totally insane, kick-ass prawn egg rolls and then a plate of paper thin rare beef with some kind of basalmic sauce on it and a little salad with green olives and artichokes. It was good but not really my type of cuisine. It’s nice when my food looks fancy, but I’m old school. Wafer meat, while tasty, does not a meal make. I’ve got a few more “standard” restaurants to go in the south part of town and then I can focus on small, traditional mexican places for tacos and fish. I love me some tacos.

while I was at the grocery store, I stopped into one of my favorite places to eat. yes, IN the grocery store. There is a gordita …diner? I guess. It has a counter with like 10 stools and the place is ALWAYS packed. My brother and I ate there while he was town and it was awesome. It was no less awesome yesterday when I had two cochinita pibil gorditas. OMFG. So insanely delicious. The gordita is like a fat corn tortilla that they fill and then you stuff it full of pickled onions and peppers. I’m drooling just thinking about it. See? I like simple and delicious. I don’t need sea urchin foam and hibiscus flower reduction to make me happy.

Today is prep for my road trip day. Going to Costco, getting the car <gasp> washed, cleaning it out, checking the oil, tire pressure, re-upping the AC and other assorted nonsense. Later I have a client meeting, then it’s eat somewhere and head home for an online seminar about doing PR for a book launch.

And just so you know, this is the river I ate my crepes by:

And here is the sunset:

And here are some mexicats:

Loves me some kibble, biyatch!

Loves me some kibble, biyatch!


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