Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 31, 2008

Feral Children

Yesterday I got somewhere close to exactly none of the things done on my list that I set out to do. BUT, I did make an appointment to get a tattoo next Saturday (8th) so that was exciting. I’m having my very first tattoo covered up, the one that I got in San Diego on my 16th birthday (It’s a wolf on my right shoulder blade and now 20 years later, it’s a blurry mess).

I also went to the other restaurant on the river to see whether or not I should leave them in the book. The answer is “sort of.” I think it’s a decent enough restaurant at night but while i was there for lunch, there were THREE huge groups of people, all with about 23 small children each (okay, maybe it was more like 4-5 small children each but it felt and sounded like 23). One particular clan of mouth-breathers was setting their passle run all over the restaurant and set them up at several empty tables with their own glassware that the children then decided to drop on the floor, breaking at least two glasses. Fortunately I do not own that restaurant because I would have sent that family packing so fast it would have made their head spin, right after I charged them for their meals and the broken dishes.

Which brings me to my next brilliant business idea. A child kennel. Lord knows I could never manage it because I do not care for children very much, but what a stunning idea. Basically what they’ve got going on here in Mexico, a temporary group home, except that instead of dropping your kids off when you no longer can support them, you drop them off while you go on vacation. The kids have friends to play with in a safe, bonded, board-certified environment and you get a peaceful, nice vacation without inflicting your crotch demons on other vacationers. Of course, if I personally ran the child kennel, I’d crate train the little bastards, but that’s just me. The sad thing is that there are probably lots of parents who would be enthusiastic about that.

I know people who have had nightmare children and I do not know how they handle it. The screaming and crying, oh god, the screaming and crying. It’s like being locked in a mental ward. Those parents are far, far, far better people than I am.

Anyway, there is no more dallying this morning, I really need to get all of those things done that i didn’t do yesterday and then pick up Achmed at the airport and take him to lunch. MUST EAT. Not sure where exactly yet, but somewhere. What sucks is that I’ve discovered all of these great places I want to take him to but I feel guilty when I eat someplace I’ve been already.

I finally broke down and bought an iPod to replace the one that was stolen out of my truck a year ago. I named it Steve.

I don’t have any new photos for you today, so instead I’m posting a photoshop that I did back when I used to enter photoshop contests while I was teaching myself the program.

The Osama Lisa



  1. Might I suggest this site for all your child containment needs… also works with fiesty chihahuas

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