Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 1, 2008


Achmed arrived ok and then it was off for the first stop on our eating tour, a new fancy-pants restaurant that just opened on the beach. I easily won that round because his lobster and shrimp salad was weak and my vegetable burrito was awesome. We also had some swordfish and mango ceviche (ok) and the house provided a sample of the cauliflower ceviche (better). Beautiful place but the food was only ok over all (as in 3 out of 4 dishes were nothing special) so I don’t think they will be competing with the restaurant next door which is way, way better.

After that we got the car washed while we grocery shopped and then home for a little rest. No costumes for us, but we headed out for stop two on the tour. The tapas place was a tie since we shared everything. The potato/crack salad was as good as ever and other stand-outs were the angus beef brochettes with caramelized onions and the tuna cannelone. We also had chicken curry salad and spanish aged ham. Surprisingly, we were both agreeable to stopping the eating there (well, after the molten chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and vanilla bean ice cream (homemade)) and walking for a bit. The last time we were there, Achmed drank a WHOLE pitcher of sangria to himself and while he staggered back down the four flights of stairs, I rolled down the stairs like Violet B. on the way to the juicer.

Downtown was happening. There were hundreds of people in crazy costumes milling around the streets, some of which were closed to traffic. We picked up one of my friends and headed to a party which was winding down when we arrived. This was good. We stuck our feet in the pool, chatted for bit, watched the fire dance and went home to bed. Now I’m getting ready to pack for our trip. First stop? Pancake house for chocolocate peanut butter pancakes and then to walk it off at the zoo where Achmed is going to get a picture of me crawling under the sawhorse that seperates people from the jaguar cage for the cover of the book I’m writing. Blood stumps sell.

We will then be headed south, along the undeveloped beaches of the coast. Stopping in here and there until we find the perfect beach and a cute hotel to stay the night in. Tomorrow it’s off to the lap of luxury for three nights in three luxury hotels so roughing it for one night will be ok.

Stay tuned for the most gorgeous photos ever.


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