Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 3, 2008

Road Trip

Yesterday we went and ate a hearty breakfast before heading out on the road south. I ended up ordering one O. Henry pancake (chocolate pancake with peanut butter topping) YUM. After breakfast, we stopped by the zoo. There was a new cub to play with so Achmed played with Princesa the lion and I got to hold and cuddle this little guy.

He was the softest bundle of furry love ever and when he finally got his bottle, he made little growling jungle cat noises. The lions were, according the keeper, making some new cubs and their roars echoed through the jungle. It was pretty fricking awesome.

Then it was back on the road through some of the most awesome scenery ever. We drove through vine covered jungle canopies, saw vast fields of coconut groves and drove up high on the cliff to catch the sunset before inquiring about rates at the nudist swingers resort. While we could have gotten a good room upgrade, we decided that spending $300 a night on an all-inclusive resort for nudy swingers was not a solid investment, depsite the possibilty for fantastic stories. We ended up staying in a nice but economy-style hotel a block from the beach.

When we got up, we went for breakfast on the beach and then went to visit the town’s crocodiles who live in a swamp right on the beach. From there we went back to a beach that we wanted to see and ended up finding a new resort that had just been built and wasn’t open yet. We stopped in and checked out the rooms, then the gm took us up a hill to another small B&B. The owner was very friendly and none of the awesome rooms were booked so he gave us some towels and we all got in the pool.

Eventually, it was time to get out of the pool and get back to work. We found a restaurant right on the beach and enjoyed the strong ocean breezes, some BBQ ribs and Miami Vice’s.

After we ate, it was time to check into the first of the luxury hotels we reserved. We were greeted with cold towels while they parked the car and invited to sit in the lobby while someone came over to check us in. Our room is awesome but the best part was for sure the water slide that rockets you into a wall…which luckily someone thoughtfully padded. You bounce off the wall and into the pool. It was hysterically fun.

We’ve got a tour of the property tomorrow, breakfast and a late check out. Hopefully we will get to enjoy the hammocks and swim in the lagoon for a while before checking into the ultimate in luxury, the $800/night cabana where the hotel employees outnumber the guests.


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