Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 5, 2008

A new high

No where that I’ve ever stayed, and I’ve stayed at some very nice hotels and resorts, holds a candle to my night at the resort I went to last night. From the moment we left the car and were greeted with cold towels and tamarind margaritas, we were in opulent heaven. el_tamarindo

The casita, with it’s own plunge pool and a bathroom stocked with L’Occitane products, was amazing. A free gift basket of Mexican goodies was waiting in the kitchen and the bed was a king size with a feather mattress cover. Our casita was totally private and each one was tucked away in the jungle, secluded from the others. The maximum capacity of the resort is 100 and at least 150 employees are on staff at any one time. Of course, our casita cost more than most people make in a week in the US,

The grounds were insane, thick jungle and stunning landscaping. I saw more wild animals in 24 hours on site at the resort than any time in my life. We saw havelinas, coatis, roadrunners, squirrels, raccoons, lizards and more.

The pool was amazing as was the private beach, nestled in a cove. The lounge chairs were huge and comfy and a little man brought out cold plunge_poolwater and iced towels on occasion.

We swam in the ocean several times and I got to taste a $22 hamburger. The two-headed shower in the bathroom alone was enough to make me never want to leave this magical place.

Half of the fun was getting lost between the beach and our room because the jungle was so thick and the pathways lead in every which direction. Also, it was kind of cool that they don’t use keys for the rooms. Everything is just open with no fear of being robbed.pool_bridge

More later …


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