Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 5, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth, part II

So anyway, the stay at the uber-resort was incredible. I will now make it my life’s mission to return there as often as possible and then to eventually die there and be eaten by coatimundi and havelinas. When it was time to leave and they picked us up in the golf cart to take me to my freshly washed car and handed us bottles of cold water, I felt a tear fall from my eye. The most interesting part of the adventure is that the GM is single…hmmm.

From there we went to a small eco-cabin place that was, after the insane opulance of the last place, very rustic indeed. Other than a few problems, mainly being that there was no fan downstairs and I had agreed to give whatever the best bed was to Achmed in this resort for the pleasure of sleeping on the cloud-covered, whipped cream, angel tears and baby duckling down beds at the last one, it was a nice place to stay. The food was good, the drinks were good and pool was nice.

Still, grumpy from being overheated and sleeping on the futon, we left first thing and arrived at the last of luxury resorts for this trip (yes, my friends, I have many, many of these trips to do before the book is finished in March), a cute eco-resort on the beach just north of home. I saw this place last year when I came out to talk to them about writing for them and knew it had to go into the book. So we have a beach front cabin with outdoor kitchen and shower, comfy soft beds with personal fans and mosquito nets, a comfy outside sitting area, hammock and an amazing view. The pool and hot tubs are up on the hill and are level with the tops of the palms trees, overlooking the beach. The restaurant is near the waterfall and pool. Awesome place and very affordable. Stay tuned for some more pics of the most recent places.

Tomorrow it is home again to the animals and real life (for two weeks anyway) except we have a tour and spa treatment at one of the world’s best spas on Friday morning 🙂


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