Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 6, 2008

Rich People are Dicks

So one funny thing that happened while we were at the uber-resort was that as we were pulling away from the place where my heart beats still, this guy comes running up to our golf cart and starts complaining that he’s late for his golf game and then tries to get into our cart, like the guy who was taking us to our car and to check out, was going to just forget about us and give this guy a ride to the golf course. The amusing thing was that mr. rich guy didn’t even acknowledge that we were in the back of the golf cart. He was prepared to have the driver hurl our bags in the back of the cart and then just get in.

Our driver was great and told him firmly that he could not commandeer our cart, then called for another cart. I couldn’t believe how entitled this guy obviously felt. What a douche.

Anyway, last night was awesome here. The dinner was great (4 courses, $275 pesos) and listening to the surf all night was great. Now it’s breakfast (and catching up on work) and then home again, home again to the dogs and my wonderful bed (which, with exception of Heaven, the resort where I must find a way to live), is better than any bed we’ve slept in so far.

More pics forthcoming…


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