Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 7, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I only have a few moments before I rush off for my last glamorous half-day for a little while. We are taking a tour of one of the top spas in the world (and getting a massage).

It was so good to sleep in my bed last night although the kids missed me so it was kind of packed with dogs and cats. We went to dinner at this restaurant that some very respectable people recommended as one of the best in town and frankly, weren’t that impressed. Part of that had to do with the fact that from the moment we stepped in the door, we were talked down to and hidden in the back of the restaurant by the bathrooms. Then my menu selections were questioned, “Well,” the head waiter said snootily, “WHAT do you want FIRST? You’ve ordered three things already.” Yes, asshat, I have, because I am reviewing your restaurant and we are sharing several appetizers and entrees to get a good sense of your quality of food because let me tell you, the service is nothing to write home about.”

With exception of the host and head waiter, everyone else was very nice. The soft shell crab was ok but the risotto w/ scallops was better. My artichoke soup was adequate as was the beef tenderloin. I’ve had better chocolate cake but the drinks were nice and strong.

It was good, it was okay. I probably won’t go there again, ever, especially in light of the treatment I received. I’ll save my duckets for my favorite restaurants. I also don’t think I will be recommending them unless I can write something like, “Tired of being treated like a human being? For decent food dripping with condescension, try <restaurant name here>”

Anyway, the last day of resorts was wonderful. I had an outdoor massage in the beach palapa and then swam in the pool. Today after our spa stuff, I drop off Achmed and then attach myself to my xBox to play all the fun games he brought for me. Tomorrow I have a tattoo appointment. Aren’t you excited?

Here’s some more pics, as promised.





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