Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 10, 2008

Yesterday Seems so Far Away

I normally, as you probably know, begin each day with a recap of the day before because my life is mostly a boring string of unrelated circumstances. I find this a good way to blog because it keeps me from having to do things like think or plan clever posts, make any real effort at writing or be creative in any way. This blog is an extension of me laying on the couch and playing xBox. That said, i will recap what I did yesterday but honestly, it took me a while to remember what it was.

Brunch! Brunch was the only exciting thing I did yesterday. It was exciting because I went to eat with a friend who was human and real flesh and blood, unlike the majority of my other “friends.” It was also exciting because it was comprised of food, something I cherish in a brunch. There were mimosas, huevos a la Mexicana, bacon, lots of bacon, banana bread, potato salad, chicken penne, hash browns, home fries and eggs benedict. It was good and I was happy to eat brunch.

After brunch, things got a lot less exciting. I’m pretty sure I came home right away and then plugged my brain into the xBox. From what I recall, I played some Fallout 3 (freaking awesome, esp. the slow-mo kills) before I got killed by super mutants for like the 8th time in a row and got frustrated. Time for some good old fashioned gangsta killin. I put in Saint’s Row and then suddenly it was like that A-Ha video where the girl gets pulled into the video by Hottie McHottersen. Saints Row 2 lets you be a chick gangsta for one, which makes it amusing because everyone you meet from the first game says, “Hey, you look different. Did you change your hair?”

Oh gratuitous violence, I have missed you so! I am pretty sure I spent many hours car jacking people, setting things on fire, stealing, smoking blunts, taking hostages and in one of the first missions, killing homeless people (which I found a little shocking even for Saint’s Row since they weren’t even evil homeless people). But then I start the Insurance Fraud activity where you throw yourselve under trucks on the freeway and forgot all about my moral outrage. Saints Row 2 reminded me everything I loved about Saints Row 1 and all of the things I hated about GTA IV. Saints Row starts with killing and breaking out of a prison hospital. GTA starts with driving a cab and long cinematic sequences. Saints Row’s first mission is breaking your friend out of prison and being chased by helicopters. GTA’s first mission is…I think driving a cab again. Saints Row’s map is littered with stores and activities, missions and restaurants. GTA’s map is void of anything, causing you to drive for 45 minutes IRL time to get to one of your two mission choices. Need I go on? I’ve already pimped out my chick with a full back tat and some ice to go with her blue dreadlock updo and when she taunts people, she uses moves from Michael Jackson videos. Take that boring Russian character from GTSuck IV.

Anyway, it’s no suprise after all of the killing and robbing and rhyming, that I can’t really remember yesterday.

This morning I finally had the time to get through some blogs, so I’ve included some of the links from Boing-Boing over the last few days:

Here is an article about psychopaths. I’ve included it because I really want to take the test they mention and see how I score on the “parasitic lifestyle” portion of the quiz. I can think of at least five people who would score off the charts on that one.

Here’s a list of successful pot smokers, proving that not everyone infected with reefer madness is doomed to life in prison or death. Go ahead and add yourself, before you get the munchies and forget.


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