Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 12, 2008

Tofu of Terror

Before I get into the gruesome details of last night’s dinner escapades, let me dazzle you with some photos from the hike I took the other day. I am not nearly as hobbled as I ought to be from such a grueling adventure. Does this mean I am less of a gelatinous cube than I thought? Perhaps or perhaps all of this eating has giving me tremendous stamina.

The lovely bay.

The lovely bay.

The walk went around the bay which you can see here in the photo.

Now because I don’t have the space for a few lines to insert another photo, I’ll begin my daily recap.

I worked yesterday. All day (or morning/afternoon rather) on the book. I wrote and wrote and then I wrote some more. I also heard from my editor and get two more weeks before I need to turn in the first chapter, which means 18 more days for me. Hooray.

After working, I ran off to meet a potential house sitter for coffee at a coffee shop that I may or may not have hallucinated. Fortunately for everyone, I did not hallucinate it. It was right where I thought it was.

I had myself a nice iced chai and the woman seemed very nice and responsible despite being Canadian. Wait – I guess Canadians are nice, that’s part of their stereotype.

Jungle Living

Jungle Living

Photo: This is the little cove where we went swimming. There is a big fancy house at the top of those stairs. When you live on this part of the bay, you have to bring everything in by boat because there are no road. This is also where we saw the first wild parrots.

Anyway, after coffee a friend and I went in search of food, stumbling across the new japanese restaurant in town. Although I try to limit my dining in new restaurants, because there is no guarantee they will still in business after the low season and the book comes out, we ate there anyway. I went veggie and got the veggie maki roll which was delicious. I’m not a huge sushi person, so i stick to maki with non-raw ingredients.

My other dish was fried tofu. When they set the bowl on the table, I immediately noticed that something looking suspiciously like insects and/or insect wings was moving on top of my tofu.

They weren’t just twitching slightly, but energectically spasming in the bowl. It was a very Indiana Jones moment for me has normally I eschew eating live anything (the only reason I never applied to Survivor despite the great weight loss potential). I was properly horrified and for the life of us, we could not figure out what creatures the chef was inspired to lace my tofu with.

The Tiny Extortionist

The Tiny Extortionist

Photo: as we crossed the beach in front of this boy’s home, he informed us that it was a private beach and he needed 10 pesos to allow us to pass. When we declined he offered to be our guide for a mere 3 pesos. Very entreprenuerial.

The waiter was called over and then the manager and finally the chef. They all insisted that it was the air conditioning that was blowing wispy bits of crunchy fish flakes around and that nothing in my bowl was alive. Despite the oddity of adding fish to a vegetarian dish, my friend opted to try the fish flakes (similiar to what you would feed goldfish) and declared them safe for consumption.

Still the vision of waving, seemingly alive creatures in my tofu rather ruined the dish. I ate it without much gusto (avoiding the flakes) which was warranted because it wasn’t very good anyway. The sake mojito was good however as was the vanilla and chocolate creme brulees (served in a yin-yang dish, super cute).

Sunset on the ride home

Sunset on the ride home

Photo: The sunset on the boat ride back to the starting point of the hike.

I headed home after that to meet my landlord who managed to get my hot water heater working again. No cold shower for me this morning!

I’m off to lunch now and then working at a beachside restaurant for the afternoon.

Enjoy your gloves and parkas, my northern friends! Bwah ha ha.



  1. protein is good for you dammit! suess woulda LOOOVED an extra bug in his meal!

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