Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 15, 2008

See? I can learn.

First of all, I already knew I was too old to be rolling in at 5am BUT for the first time, I was smart enough not to mix the wee hours of the morning with copious amounts of alcohol. Last night I drank responsibly as to avoid the hangover from hell that I had a few weeks ago (or months ago or whenever the hell that was). I drank slow, punctuated booze with glasses of water and ended the night sober which makes for good driving. Go me. Also, I totally made out with a random guitar player which is more action than I’ve gotten in 18 months.

Yesterday ended up being a shopping day. I was inspired to buy some new clothes. I don’t buy clothes in this country often, preferring to order things online and have them sent down with friends who visit. The problem with that is that it limits me to the 2-3 stores/sites that I know my size perfectly. Honestly, I only shop in three stores anyway, two of which I can order things online from and the other, I have to go in and hunt and peck, then try everything on.

I bought some jeans- yes, people, jeans! Well, capri jeans, but still. It’s actually cool enough to wear pants and later in the evening, I was cold because now I’m a big sissy-pants. When I went to LA last year and it was in the 70’s, I was huddled in the car in my jacket because that’s how I roll. Now it’s another year later and I’m another year acclimated so I imagine that the mid-70’s will now cause me to shiver and shake and cry like a little girl for my blankie.

I bought some formal flip-flops for special occasions and events and some little tank tops. One of which I wore last night and liked so much, I might go buy another in a different color.

Clothing is hard to shop for here. Most everything is polyester and rayon and way overpriced. Think of that mall store – Rave – and you’ve got the general idea of what’s available in Mexico except instead of a shitty rayon dress costing $12.99, it costs $40. I was very pleased that the Docker’s store was having a 50% off sale and I bought my jeans for $25. That’s awesome.

Last night three businesses were having open houses on the same street so I went to mingle and poke my head in for some free margaritas and food. I hadn’t been in any of the three so it was a good work event for me. I had dinner next door to the bar with the name that makes me sad and was flirting with the waiter when I was beset upon by three men who joined my table to save me from eating alone. They were very funny and a nice diversion. The my friend came down from his house and we hit a couple of more bars, went to see another friend’s band and then he went home and we did a little more music and booze at the local rock club where I rendezvoused with the guy from the first band who met my new requirements for an impromptu make-out session (ie: he wasn’t imaginary or older than dirt). Then I came home. At 5am. And now I’m exhausted and probably will be for the rest of the day.

So what lies in my future? Well, I could straighten up my messy house – it’s never dirty (dusty, yes because the rains have stopped) but messy as hell right now. I’m going to have to clean up before the housekeeper comes anyway… but no, I suspect that there are some frozen waffles in my future and perhaps some video games, until I’m tired again and can get another two hours of sleep. Later in the afternoon it’s beach time, careful to keep my new tattoo out of the water and sun. Then it might just be nap time again and finally, back out into the wilds to show support for my friends who are playing at the Casa del Tofu de Terror, or the Japanese restaurant we ate at a few days ago.

As a final note, something has died near my house (not in it, thank goodness) and every now and then, the odor of decaying flesh wafts in on the breeze. Lovely. No really, come visit.


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