Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 16, 2008

What’s the Time?

Since Friday, I’ve been off a day thinking it was Saturday and then yesterday was Sunday. It happens but exemplifies my favorite quote of the week, “what time is it? Oh, it’s November.”

While it was a slip of the tongue, that pretty much sums up time in Mexico. Days, weeks, hours, months (and for some people, years) all kind of run together here. The good news is that yesterday was Saturday, a day that I spent doing exactly nothing all day, and not Sunday, meaning I have two more days of nothing to do. Nothing but going to the beach and writing, that is.

Recovering from staying out until 5am took all day, a glorious day filled with naps and snacks, video games and tv. Well, I was watching TV until quite literally my desktop blew up. This fills me with great sadness. Poor Snowball III. This afternoon I will remove the hard drive and see what can be salvaged, but it was her time to go. She was slow and losing her faculties. The trouble being that she was my streaming media computer and now I’ve got to use the new baby for this until I get my old laptop back (no rush) and can use that one for downloading crap and streaming it to the xBox. The good news is that the hard drive on the old laptop is now cleaned off (mostly) and much bigger, I think, than what I had in Snowball III.

When I was grocery shopping the other day, I found this: stash1

The perfect stash box. It was in the tea aisle and it is, actually, filled with tea. It was such a cool box for $120 pesos (with tea!) that I had to buy it. I’m going to keep my pirate skull and bones in it. Perhaps some sticks and stones…

It totally reminds me of the stash box that certain parental figures used to have around the house when I was growing up. Who keeps tea in the bedroom?

The coolest part is the tea itself (well, that’s not true, the box is in fact, the coolest part).

stash2 I love individual packages. I love tiny plastic bags. I love tiny things period. Would you like to come over for some tea? I have several different kinds of herbal now instead of just Earl Grey which is what I drink when I drink tea.

This morning I am off to breakfast on the beach. If you were here, you could come too, but instead, you are probably picking out which parka to wear to the farmer’s market today. Unless it’s raining… or snowing… or you are in California and on fire.

Actually yesterday wasn’t all that great because I felt like shit and one of the reasons I felt like shit was because I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe because I went to several bars that are completely ignoring the new non-smoking ordinance in town. They have two more weeks to comply (by the 28th). After that, I hope they get the paltry $2000 fine per smoker and the whopping $20,000 fine for the bar (that’s in pesos y’all).

It makes me sad that every hot guy in this country smokes cigarettes. I won’t date a smoker for several reasons.

  1. They taste bad. It really is like licking an ashtray. I used to smoke for a long time. I know.
  2. They smell bad. And they make all my shit smell bad. My car, my clothing, my house, their house, their car, their clothing.
  3. They make me waste water by having to shower every time we hang out.
  4. I’m still psychologically addicted to smoking.

Yep, that’s right. I haven’t smoked in 10 years and I’m still psychologically addicted to smoking. If cigarettes didn’t taste so bad to me now, I would easily start smoking again. I love the act of smoking. I love the way the cigarette feels. I love the rituals involved with smoking (packing the cigarettes, placing them in my silver cigarette case, filling my zippos, smoking after eating, smoking with coffee). I loved smoking but what i didn’t love was smoking because I had to and not because I wanted to, so I quit cold turkey one morning and haven’t had one since (not from lack of trying).

But I want to. I really want to. But they taste gross now. But I want to. Yes, I do. If I dated a smoker, there would be a high probability that I would get used to the taste and smell again and then it would be easy to slip back into it and it’s a filthy, disgusting habit. Gross.

Anyway, a night out in smoky bars has clogged my sinuses so badly, I was a mouth breather all day yesterday and I still have sinus problems and a headache today. So many people smoke here, you’d think you were in Europe.


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