Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 17, 2008

It’s just nice.

Yes, it’s true. I went out twice this week. TWICE in a WEEK. You would think the world was about to end and perhaps it will. Supposedly on Dec 23rd, 2012 according to those wacky Mayans which means my best friend and I really need to do something extra special for her birthday that year (it’s on the 21st).

After boating and sunning, tanning and loafing, I took a nice little cat nap and then headed out to the Japanese restauant of the living and terrifying tofu fame. Their food seems to be really hit or miss. My veggie maki was delicious but the living tofu was icky even without the seemingly alive creatures all over it. Last night the shrimp rolls were delicious (lots of mushroom in them) but the siagon roll (salad roll) was poorly wrapped and served with no sauce of any kind. I thought everyone knew you had to serve those with a spicy peanut sauce or die some kind of horrible death in culinary hell. The sake mojitos are good but served a small glass so I question whether they are worth the $9 since they are gone in like 2 sips (I mean, that’s not just me, right?).

I was downright COLD last night too, perched high up in the sky bar. How can it be that I need to wear pants and sweater in Mexico in November? I’m not complaining (after all, I was swimming and sunning all day) and it beats the hell out of sweaty and sticky. I like cool evenings and hot days. That’s why I live here and not in that dark, mildewy bastion of trucker hats and PBR anymore.

After the live music was over, we went across the street where we were treated to a live show of dancing couple and even a brief (completely undesired and unwarranted) stripshow from one of the small Mexican men who was dancing on the table. It was quite amusing.

Sadly there were actually two, TWO guys at the end of the bar that I would have happily dated but didn’t talk to either of them. I even got a wave from one of them. Dammit. I guess I know the bar I will be stalking now since it seems the pierced and tattooed set hang out there in addition to my neighbors. IN fact, I see going to see the band at the japanese place and ending up in this other bar in a future a lot.

From the sky bar we watched a  drunk Mexican with a 40oz and a viking helmet hork all over himself on the corner and men with machine guns run around the block to apprehend some criminal element. Did I mention it was a holiday weekend?

For all of you winos, I want you to pick up a bottle of Oveja Negra wine (made in chile) and let me know if it’s any good. According to this site, this wine and I have a lot in common including a bitter finish and dark notes of resentment and unbridled rage. This wine is likely to key your car, run up your long distance and steal your cable. My kind of wine.

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