Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 27, 2008

Gratitude and All That

So yep, it’s Thanksgiving in the US today. Holidays are a bummer for me because when I was younger, there were holidays with family, big meals and trips to my grandparents house. Now I live outside the US, I can’t remember the last holiday I spent with a large part of my family (that included my kid) and the only meals I get are at restaurants because who wants to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for themselves – loser, party of one?

Last year a family member was in town, so that was nice but dinner was a hotel buffet so not traditional at all. Sure they had a turkey, but they also had a lot of shrimp, some head cheese and weird mayo salads. There was no stuffing and no cranberry. For xmas, there was no tree, no presents, no family of any kind. I think I sunbathed on the roof, played some video games, read a book and watched movies. So basically, just another day for me. Oh and I felt sorry for myself while I drove more metaphorical nails into the coffin of holiday cheer. This year at least I will be with family in the states.

Today I’m working – or I will be once I’ve finished this post. I will try very, very hard to distract myself from all of the fun projects I need/want to do, like updating my website, redesigning this blog and possibly moving it to its own domain (I know I said I wouldn’t move it again, I’ll redirect it this time, I swear), designing a new personal site that isn’t for my business… basically lots of web design and organization and updating things I’ve been neglecting.

Later I’ll meet some friends at a restaurant for dinner, a traditional thanksgiving dinner, well as traditional as one can get at a restaurant.

But as is a tradition with me, I must now list what I am grateful for:

  1. I am physically healthy.
  2. My insomnia, that has plagued me for years and years, suddenly vanished a month ago.
  3. I am no longer so stressed out that I have TMJ. No more clenching my jaw in my sleep.
  4. My little furry family.
  5. That I am spending xmas with my grandparents.
  6. My dad is still alive and has not succumbed to liver failure or cancer.
  7. My child is beautiful, intelligent and healthy.
  8. My siblings and my niece.
  9. I got the book!
  10. I’m able to support myself through writing and only writing.
  11. Because of where I live and what I do, I get to see some amazing places and do amazing things.
  12. My friends here who are supportive and sympathetic when I suffer from gringo rage (which will hopefully be less often once I get out of here for a few days).
  13. The family across the street who are so nice to me and Carolina, who does all the crap around here that I don’t.
  14. Achmed, for his near-daily company, the visits, the muling and all types of e-goodness.
  15. Dot, for being one of the few who remembers that I exist outside of the cold, gray world of PDX.
  16. My best friend, who I am going to see soon, for being my best friend since 1980. It will be 30 years in 2010!
  17. My landlord is awesome. I’m way grateful for that.
  18. I live in this place of incredible beauty and sometimes, a bit of magic.
  19. Any of you who read this and don’t fall into the above categories, for finding something interesting enough to keep reading.
  20. My clients, for entrusting their business with me.

There, I think 20 is a good number for today. I hope y’all have a super holiday!


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