Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 24, 2008


Dinner last night was incredible. In fact, I’d call it the highlight of the stay so far. I’ve got a massage in one spa and a facial in the other spa in an hour, so I’m reserving judgement. The meal plan is mandatory when booking and the menu is set, no options. I am not complaining either because everything and I mean, dinnereverything was fantastic. It started with a house margarita which was good but followed by the better tropical cosmo (don’t ask, I have no idea – it was mangoey and fruity and delicious). Appetizer was a chicken sope (which is like a corn meal disk or really thick tortilla with tender spiced chicken on it), then a chicken dumpling soup that was like Mexican won-ton soup, and finally an incredible beef tenderloin on a pillow of deep fried mashed potatoes. Dessert was a lemon-berry parfait.

After dinner, I retired to my room to find the turn down service had been completed. The mosquito net was tucked in firmly and every area was lit with candles, including about a dozen in the bedroom/living room. I watched an episode of House on my computer and went to bed. Despite the comfortable bed, I wasn’t used to sleeping without the whirring of 100 fans, so I didn’t sleep that well. I got up several times for water which meant using the flashlight, putting on my flip flops (to avoid stepping on scorpions) and searching the room for critters. At some point, some creature died on the floor and a million ants came to feast. Fortunately they were gone by morning. Not so with the giant six-legged, battle scarred spider in the bathroom (which comes equipped with a can of RAID).

Achmed really didn’t enjoy the spiders on his visit, so I thought of him yesterday when our hiking guide pulled one out of its web to play with for us. Yikes.

morningA tray was delivered at 7:30 with coffee and a delightful cookie, then it was up for breakfast which was very fresh and delicious (and included many options). Now I’m just trying to work a little before the spa and then the water taxi back to the truck and on to the next hotel. I know, I know, I hate me too.

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