Posted by: comfortjunkie | November 24, 2008

Wish You Were Here

Well, my trip did not start out as awesome as I had hoped. I got into a verbal kerfluffle with the panga captain that soured my mood from the get-go. The boat ride cheered me up a bit, especially since we came upon a large pod of wild dolphins. My slightly improved mood went a bit south when I realized that it was literally a 25 minute HIKE up a mountain to get to the resort. The bags went up on burro, while I huffed and puffed, and sweated, red-faced on death’s door step. Worse, the entire place is built on a hill which means everything is a hike – the spa, the pool, everything.

Still, it is a gorgeous place and perhaps if I had been forewarned and not had a nasty encounter with the captain, I would have been fine with the hike. See? It’s gorgeous.

pool_veranaThere is a lot of wildlife in the area too. As I lay by the pool, listening to STIFF on my iPod – which actually was kind of funny, if you have read the introduction as it is about lying around doing nothing on vacation or in turn, lying around and doing nothing as a corpse. This was amusing because I was lying around like a corpse on a louge chair by that pool.

Anyway, aside from the giant iguana outside of my room there was this guy:

caterpillarThe book in my room mentioned scorpions. If you recall, my very first night in Mexico, I was stung by a scorpion twice in my bed at 3am, so color me paranoid. I’ve shaken everything in the whole room and before I go to bed and tuck in the mosquito netting tightly under the mattress, I will shake it all out again.

Cue Sheila E’s Glamorous Life…


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